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TEL13 Nickel Animal Head, 8 Rib Frame

TEL13 Nickel Animal Head, 8 Rib Frame
TEL13 openTEL13 shown without case (top) and with case (bottom)TEL13 Dog handleTEL13 handles from left to right - Duck, Fox and Dog
TEL13 8 rib frameBlack (top left), Navy (top right), Grey (bottom left), Dark Green (bottom right).Brown (top left), Camel (top right), Petrol (bottom left), Purple (bottom right).Red (top left), Lavender (top right), Terracotta (bottom left), Lavender/Pearl Grey Alternate (bottom right).
Black Watch Tartan (left), Navy/White Spot (right).

Price: 105.00


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An 8 rib, telescopic umbrella with Nickel Animal Head Handle.

This umbrella is available with a choice of three different animal heads: Duck, Fox and Dog

The length of this umbrella is approximately 16.5" (42 cm) from handle to end with a diameter of around 5.5cm. The cover (canopy) when opened is approximately 36" in diameter (91.5 cm).

The cover and outside case are made from 100% Polyester and are available in Black, Navy, Grey, Dark Green, Brown, Camel, Petrol, Purple, Red, Lavender, Terracotta and Lavender/Pearl Grey alternative.

For an additional cost of £6.00 there is Black Watch Tartan or Navy/White Spot

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