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NWS8 Congo Crook

NWS8 Congo Crook
Walking Stick SizingNWS8 Congo CrookNWS8 Congo Crook Handle

Price: 76.00


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  • Nickel Collar (silver colour) (+£16)   
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  • Engraved Rolled Gold Collar (+£55)   
  • Hallmarked Silver Collar (+£50)   
  • Engraved Hallmarked Silver Collar (+£65)   

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Congo Crook Walking Stick. Suitable for everyday use and in the countryside.

The standard length of this stick is approximately 36" (91 cm). It comes with a rubber ferrule on the end. This stick can be tailored to your own required length. Please ensure you measure yourself correctly if you wish for your Walking Stick to be shortened, once we have cut the stick to size we cannot lengthen it again!

A Nickel, 9ct Rolled Gold or Hallmarked Silver Collar can be fitted to the handle at an additional cost and can be engraved with up to 3 initials, if required.

Please note this is a natural product and each walking stick will vary in markings, colour and thickness slightly, no two pieces of wood will be the same.