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GT26 Gilt Finish Animal Head Handle Umbrella

GT26 Gilt Finish Animal Head Handle Umbrella
GT26 Gilt FoxGT26 Gilt GreyhoundGT26 Gilt RabbitGT26 Gilt Duck
GT26 Gilt CobraGT26 Gilt HorseGT26 Gilt Bulldog CrutchGT26 Gilt Horse Crutch
WoodendOur 25 standard colours (Please note: Due to limitations of photography and computer monitor variations these colours are for a guide only)

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With a Gilt (gold colour) Finish these Animal Head Handle Umbrellas are made on a 25" Fox Steel Tube Frame with a Gilt Tipcup.

The length of this umbrella is approximately 36" (91 cm) from handle to ferrule. The cover/canopy is made with a high grade 100% Polyester water repellent fabric, which when opened is approximately 41" in diameter (104.5 cm).

This umbrella is available with a choice of nine different animal heads: Cobra, Duck, Fox, Greyhound, Horse, Ram, Rabbit, Bulldog Crutch or Horse Crutch.

The umbrella cover/canopy is available in the following colours - Black, White, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bordo, Lilac, Aubergene, Pale Blue, Royal Blue, Ala Blue, French Navy, Navy, Ivory, Beige, Camel, Brown, Emerald, Olive, Ardea and Dark Green. (see separate Colour Chart). The umbrella comes with a matching outside case.

Tartan or Camouflage (Camo Print) covers are available at an additional cost of £20, which will be added when you checkout.
Please note: Camo Print cover is made from 100% Ripstop Nylon

You can choose to have the Tip Cup engraved at an additional cost of £15.