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GSB Gents Stick Bespoke

GSB Gents Stick Bespoke
GSB Gents Stick BespokeGSB Gents Stick BespokeGSB Gents Stick Bespoke

Price: 205.00


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13. Outside Case

14. Collar/Tip Cup Option

15. Standard or Packable Fitting

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At Fox Umbrellas we make all our umbrellas to order and are proud to be a British Manufacturer with an illustrious heritage. We like to believe no-one can produce umbrellas like ourselves as most umbrellas today are made in the far east (even though they may be marketed as made in the UK) and we certainly believe we produce the finest umbrellas in the world (at our factory in Shirley, Croydon).

To show off our craft we have produced a special line - The GSB (Gents Stick Bespoke) this umbrella has been setup to give you, the customer, the ultimate customisation options. You can select from a range of sticks, handles, covers, collars, tips, rosettes (inside and outside), inside caps and border/trim options.

Be aware that we do not operate a refund policy as all our umbrellas are made to order. This level of customisation is extreme and only for persons who are confident in what they are ordering. No refunds will be issued on the GSB umbrella. Please allow an extra 5 days for delivery on top of our standard delivery as the manufacturing time will be longer on this product.

Please study the parts of an umbrella to make sure you know which part you are customising.

If you choose the Malacca or Whanghee Invisable Join Stick handle please DO NOT select a Tip Cup as it is not possible to fit a tip cup to these lines. This umbrella can't use the packable fitting due to the invisable join so please do not select this.